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Nitrous does not need to be a scary enterprise. No, nitrous itself is not flammable. Nitrous, when introduced into an engine, allows the engine to burn more fuel per power cycle by condensing the ambient air, resulting in a form of supercharging, but in a liquid form instead of mechanical, like a roots-type supercharger or turbo system. Sometimes an improperly tuned system can result in fuel and nitrous being present in the intake manifold before the ignition is turned on. With the intake valve open, the starting ignition spark can cause an explosion in the intake manifold. The classic nitrous backfire. Making Easy Easier For those running a single Holley or Edelbrock square-flange carburetor, the ZEX Perimeter Nitrous plate is incredibly easy to install, innovative and surprisingly affordable. Plus, there are no spray bars that might interfere with airflow into the motor or create turbulence.

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Nitrous Oxide is a POWERFUL Oxidizer Nitrous, or Nitrous Oxide is a power adder that provides incredible “Bang for the Buck” but for a number of reasons that we’ll explore today, almost never gets used, and that’s a shame because there’s really no better way to get a reasonable boost in power for peanuts. Nitrous has a bad reputation for blowing up engines and is often even called “cheating. All of these rumors have some basis in fact but as with almost anything, when used correctly, the benefits of nitrous are HUGE, especially for the target audience of this site: The biggest benefit of nitrous is that it provides enormous “bang for the buck.

Basically, nitrous oxide forces extra pure oxygen into the engine, creating loads of additional horsepower when combined with added fuel. There is a lot more to it, but that is basically how it works.

Plumbed and wired by you, into any of the various delivery mechanisms Same as the wet system Fuel Plumbed, wired and jetted by you. You have complete control over the fuel system, typically making the nitrous system easier to tune. Stock pump and injectors are typically fine. Uses the stock fuel delivery, via raising the fuel pressure by tricking the regulator. Must have good quality fuel injectors that won’t fail on high pressure, and must have a fuel pump that can supply the pressure ie, not the stock injectors or pump.

On an LT1, this is done by adjusting the “fuel” and nitrous jets, the “fuel” jet actually being a jet that connects to the fuel pressure regulator to raise and lower fuel pressure.

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For those with the NAV radio, this will allow you to control the iPod from the screen, but all other MP3 players will need to be controlled right from the device. The first option is inexpensive, but will require you to route a wire from the trunk to wherever you want to plug in your device. The second option costs more, but provides a more plug and play install.

That should be enough length to route the cord through the car.

Nitrous. The Digital Delay line of Nitrous Relay boards are designed to work hand in hand with our Delay Boxes to simplify wiring. The Nitrous Relay boards connect between the Delay Box Timer outputs and the Nitrous solenoids.

Nitrous oxide can do serious damage. When important factors are overlooked, broken pistons, fires, and other expensive situations can result from its use. Accidents such as these have given nitrous oxide an undeserved reputation as being hard on motors and prone to mishap. The fact is that when nitrous is used carefully, there is very little that can go wrong and it can be a very dependable power adder. The use of nitrous oxide can be a complicated subject and, unfortunately, many people misunderstand or just don’t pay attention to all the information on the topic.

In addition to leading to the problems already described, this also means that the majority of people are not getting the full power potential out of their nitrous systems. Indeed, there are very big power gains to be had by tuning the system to match your vehicle. The idea behind maximum nitrous performance is simple. Having chosen the appropriate power level for your engine, just arrive at the right mixture of nitrous and fuel.

As long as you have all the correct components in your ignition and fuel system, and you keep up with routine maintenance, you can then go through bottle after bottle without any worry of engine damage.

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Because the fuel side operates at much lower pressures than the nitrous side, very slight changes in fuel-system pressure can significantly alter system performance. Raising the fuel pressure richens the mixture; lowering the fuel pressure leans the mixture. It’s also quick and easy out in the field, and you don’t have to carry a bunch of different jets with you.

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The reasons are simple: Nitrous Oxide is a gas,but under pressure in a closed vessel,it is a liquid. Nitrous Oxide was first discovered in by Joseph Priestly,an English scientist. Nitrous Oxide molecules consist of two nitrogen and one oxygen atom. Nitrous really shines when it is a liquid,it takes up much less space than the gas,plus it “cools” the intake mixture when it is injected. Nitrous takes up 8. Nitrous adds power by adding extra oxygen in a compact form into an engine. Of course,to combust this extra oxygen you need a corresponding amount of extra fuel to accomplish this.

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Integrated Brake Controller-Message trailer disconnected Hello gents, I have read quite a few posts on the integrated brake controller but wanted to hear a little more close to my issues. First off, I have a F Srw extended cab long bed. I bought it used and I can see the previous owner was pulling a trailer also. Recently when pulling our Rv, cruising down the byway and hit a bump, the chime and message comes up saying “trailer disconnected”.

Elite 10 Color Nitrous Pressure Gauge For Product Numbers: GS-ET14 & GS-EWT14 your nitrous oxide system for proper installation Note: If wiring to an un-fused source, install a 3 amp fuse inline within 20 inches of the sources connection.

We couldn’t save this product at this time. I’m Justin with americanmuscle. In this detailed breakdown, I’m gonna cover why you might wanna check out a twin disc clutch like the RXT from McLeod, how much power this thing is gonna hold, and how it will be able to hold it, and then finally, we’ll cover some of the bigger points of the installation. And on the surface, obviously, the trans will need to be dropped. We’re gonna pump this one up to a full three out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, with some more detail coming up later on.

The McLeod RXT is gonna be for the GT, Mach 1, and Cobra owners out there already pumping out big power or plan on making big power, and therefore, need a clutch to help put that power down to the ground, but at the same time wanna maintain a very streetable [SP] pedal feel. And for all those reasons, the RXT will be one of your best options on the site. In the world of aftermarket clutches and flywheels, McLeod is no doubt gonna be on your top or premium options in the category, and they produce stuff for light bolt-on, the stock cars, all the way down the spectrum to the thousand-plus horsepower monsters for both the street and strip application.

Now, the RXT is their top of the shelf offering in their lineup, it’s the clutch that we have with me here today, and it’s not gonna be for the stock or light bolt-on cars out there.

What’s So Wrong With Nitrous?

Not legal for sale or use in California or on any pollution controlled vehicles. The TC88A is constructed with a low profile machined billet aluminum housing. The unit offers easy plug-in installation and all the switches are accessible from the top – a significant advantage for most installations. Four rotary switches are used to set the advance characteristics and RPM limit. Since the new engines use a non-adjustable crankshaft position sensor, mechanical timing adjustments are no longer possible.

DFS Wiring Diagrams and It is the purchaser’s responsibility to check the state and local laws pertaining to the use of Nitrous Oxide for racing applications. Shutt Electronics & Engineering LLC does not recommend nor condone the Nitrous Wiring Nitrous System Installation Page 12 TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) Connection Page

Most modern cars that are even mildly interesting to a performance enthusiast are more than capable of vaporizing their tires at will from a standing start. Nitrous oxide is particularly challenging in this respect. In its most basic form, when you throw the switch the system delivers nitrous and fuel in amounts determined by the jetting, and it does it instantaneously. If not, you might as well not even have the bottle turned on. Progressive nitrous controllers, at least in a basic form, have been around for decades, and the principle is pretty simple.

The most basic systems let you set a starting percentage, and how long from the moment the progressive control is activated until it reaches percent duty cycle on the solenoids. On pavement, it was another story. Fortunately, Nitrous Express also supplied its Maximizer 4 programmable progressive controller, and we set out to explore how to best use it to extract all we could from our system. What sets the Max4 apart from other progressive controllers on the market?

Starting from the moment the system is activated, and following the user-defined ramp as time progresses. A good choice for drag racing, where the vehicle is always starting from a dead stop.

Holley 550-510

This is a great safety feature that all nitrous cars should have. Without adequate fuel pressure, the nitrous relay will not activate the solenoid. If you have ever installed a single-stage nitrous system then you know there is more to this system than two solenoids and a couple of fuel and nitrous lines.

nitrous jet in the plate jet fitting marked “N2O” up wrench when tightening the lines to the plate fittings, failure to do so could break the fittings and will void the system warranty!!!!!) Connect the nitrous solenoid to the hook up all vacuum lines, and linkages using the diagram prepared before disassembly. 2.

You overkill the positive side of the volt circuit andignore the ground circuit. Basic electrical circuit design requires acomplete path back to the battery through the ground circuit, and if ithas high resistance, then the electrical device will operate poorly. Bad grounds happen everywhere, but the worst case is when guys relocatethe battery to the trunk, run a nice, thick multi-strand cable from thebattery to the starter solenoid, then merely bolt the ground cable tothe trunk floor or other easily accessible spot and leave it at that.

Avoltage-drop test see page 58 on that ground circuit will probablyreveal an inexcusable 1. The fix is to either run a large ground cable all the way up to theengine, or a large ground from the battery to the frame and another fromthe frame to the engine. Another common grounding failure is an electric fuel pump pulling 4 to 5amps. We often see pumps wired with a small, gauge positive cable andfurther crippled with a corroded piece of piano wire for a ground.

Improve the ground circuit with a larger gauge wire and ensure thatthe ground circuit offers no more than 0. The most dangerous bad ground comes from weak or small-wire groundsbetween the engine and the chassis and between the chassis and the body. These create resistance that can quickly overheat and in extreme casesbegin to melt and catch fire. It sounds implausible, but keep in mindthat the ground circuit must complete the current flow, so the groundside must always be as bulletproof as the positive side of the circuit.

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Your hub for horsepower Get first access to hit shows like Roadkill and Dirt Every Day Join free for 14 days now If there is one overriding factor that affects fast gas tuning, it has to be nitrous pressure. We see it all the time with part-time racers and street runners who want to go fast but may not understand the basics about pressurized gases. A full bottle at room temperature 72 degrees F will be at psi, and most of the nitrous oxide will be in a liquid state.

All wiring and nitrous line should be wrapped with the provided wire loom and positioned in a way to prevent engine heat from doing any damage. The use of electrical tape at the end of.

Most everyone who has raced at one time or another is more than likely familiar with the basics of how it works and the benefits you can reap from using such a system. Without getting into detail, we’ll just say nitrous oxide is a cryogenic gas composed of nitrogen and oxygen molecules. In automotive applications, nitrous, when injected into the engine, reduces the air temperature, thus producing a more-dense inlet charge.

Nitrous oxide increases the oxygen content of the inlet charge and improves the rate at which combustion occurs in the cylinders. Basically, nitrous oxide forces extra pure oxygen into the engine, creating loads of additional horsepower when combined with added fuel. There is a lot more to it, but that is basically how it works. To give you an example of how powerful nitrous oxide is, we recently installed a 75hp nitrous kit on our project Focus, The Red Hot Chili Pepper.

With no other engine modifications, The Pepper went from a That, my friends, is an insane reduction in e. You can read all about our Focus install on our glorious Web site, www.

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Get Sponsorship ECU controlled Nitrous Injection Nitrous injection is one of the simplest and cost-effective ways to get more horsepower from your engine. Relatively easy to fit and set up, nitrous provides an instant power boost at your finger tips. At temperatures above F C Nitrous Oxide splits into oxygen and nitrogen, immediately providing more oxygen to the engine.

This is a big plus when working with other electrical components such as controls for ignition, boost modules and progressive nitrous systems. Each relay also has a snubber circuit to prevent electrical surges on the coil which will protect your sensitive electronics from spikes.

Anyone interested in nitrous has certainly heard of the Fogger system. And this Fogger kit from NOS comes complete with nozzles, jets and solenoids. All you have to do is supply the engine. Wilson Manifolds’ spacer features replaceable burst panels for nitrous backfire protection. The spacer can be ordered for or series carburetors. The Nitrous Works also offers complete kits like this Dual-Stage carbureted setup.

The switch can be adjusted to turn your nitrous off at a selected rpm before the engine hits the rev limiter. This box provides four stages of ignition retard along with an adjustable start retard for high-compression engines. MSD’s Digital-6 Plus ignition box is great for use on a nitrous-injected street car.

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