Berliner reorganised as the Berliner Gram-o-phone Company of Canada, the style and typefaces of Berliner’s record labels became standardized, and any significant label change was uniformly adopted for all discs. A single anomaly is found in Library and Archives Canada’s collection. Like the 7-inch series, the inch Berliner series includes a disc with an Imperial Record label. This label is printed in gold on a black field, with a garland of entwined maple leaves across the top and issue number prefaced by a “0” Only slight variations were accepted; for example, the omission or inclusion of performer information e. During this period , there were three distinct label types, following one another in a series. They can be divided into two phases, the first being the Concert Record, the second being the Grand Prize label. Concert Record without exposition The earliest type of Berliner Gram-o-phone Company of Canada label is the first style Concert Record, which is generally brown with gold edging and lettering, but sometimes black with gold lettering. Contained within the semicircle formed by the label name is a small His Master’s Voice symbol Nipper the dog with his ear to a gramophone with the words “Trade” and “Mark” written in small caps on either side at the bottom of the semicircle.

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Landon’s book, Jesse Crawford, Poet of the Organ; Wizard of the Mighty Wurlitzer Wurlitzer installed the above instrument in the showroom of their store in Chicago in the late summer of , where it replaced a smaller organ on which Crawford had recorded a few sides for Victor using the acoustic process in late and early It was to be December before Crawford returned to the store, to find a new organ and a new electrical recording process. In America this influence was particularly pronounced as the time , coincided with a period of the prolific construction of new cinema palaces and the peak of theatre organ manufacture, with Wurlitzer completing organs at a rate of over one per working day, and the other manufacturers struggling to match output with orders.

Along with all these new organs came the pressing need for organists to play them. To such an extent had Crawford become an eponym of theatre organ playing that one enterprising organ company actually constructed a mechanical accessory so that an organist of lesser talent could emulate the way he would at times glide between notes using fundamentally the Tibia Clausa.

When Crawford began recording this organ he was organist, with his wife Helen, at the Chicago Theatre.

Mar 13,  · There are some repro gramophones available with brass horns that might be a viable possibility. These have the HMV (His Master’s Voice) label. They are usually made in India, where they supposedly found a large cache of vintage wind-up record player mechanisms in storage (so I’m told).

Remaining stocks of the latter were jobbed off and exported to Australia, where Camden labels were affixed. So some Camdens will be electrically recorded, and some by the old mechanical system. It is the latter that qualifies them to appear on this page. There was also a light blue label of the same design with dark blue printing. This is less common, so thanks for Chris Singer from contributing this image, from Australia!

See Frank Andrews, HD ,

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The Auctioneer may at any time ratify an incomplete form. The Contract between the Seller and the Auctioneer will be formed when the Auctioneer receives a signed Entry Form for the Lot, whether by hand, post, fax, email or by any other means, and whether or not the Entry Fee for that Lot has been paid, and whether or not the Form has been signed by the Auctioneer. If a sale is lost because of the failure of the Seller to disclose to the Auctioneer all information which may reasonably be expected to affect the provenance, title, value or any other aspect of the Lot, the Auctioneer will charge and the Seller must pay the stated rates both to Seller and Buyer plus VAT.

Whether the description has been prepared by the Auctioneer or the Seller, a copy of the typed text will be provided to the Seller within a reasonable time prior to the Auction, and unless the Seller reacts with comments or changes prior to the Auction, the Auctioneer may treat that description as accepted by the Seller. The Seller of a Lot not held by the Auctioneer at the Premises or under its control warrants and undertakes to the Auctioneer that the Lot will be made available and in a deliverable state at the time stated by the Auctioneer.

A Reserve once placed by the Seller shall not be changed without the consent of the Auctioneer.

Aaron gazes at one of the old gramophones in his collection (Image: “My pride of joy is an HMV state of the art gramophone from Victorian sewing machine dating back years sells.

Where can I learn more? What is a vintage record? Vintage records fall into two categories: Vintage disc records were made roughly from to They are also referred to as coarse-groove or short play SP records. However, the 78 speed was not fully standardized until the late 20s and early 30s; prior to this time, playing speeds ranged anywhere from 60 to rpm! Most of the pre records one encounters today will play properly at speeds ranging from rpm. Edison Diamond Disc records all play at Most vintage disc records were made from a shellac-based material.

Non-vintage disc records were made from to the present. They are commonly referred to as micro-groove records, and play at 45 or 33 rpm. Formats include 7″ 45 rpm discs with oversized spindle holes, 10″ and 12″ long plays LPs , extended plays EPs and others. Most non-vintage records were made from vinyl.

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The full details of the book which inspired this web page: The book is still available and may be obtained from the Society. Obviously, a record with a long catalogue life would appear with many sorts of labels as it was re-pressed. However, from about , when the groove of a record ran on very long, smaller labels were produced as and when required.

In Gigli left the Metropolitan and, with it, the Victor record company: three volumes in the Romophone series covers his years with it, dating from His return to Europe was welcomed by HMV which had made his records at the start of his career in and had already resumed contact with a best-selling series in

A 78 RPM record player. By Dave Thompson Question: I inherited about 45s. I found a 78 RPM. The Beatles did issue recordings in the 78 RPM format. However, Beatles fans — and lots of other rock aficionados — should keep an eye on the 78s shelf, because there are a lot of treats awaiting discovery. In Britain, the old format held its own in the marketplace until Learn more about the history of the 45 RPM record.

The actual market for them might be smaller than for 45s; the values in price guides sometimes seem a little lower. But ask any dealer what he would rather offer — a set of mint Elvis Sun singles on 45? Or a set on 78? There is no competition.

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His return to Europe was welcomed by HMV which had made his records at the start of his career in and had already resumed contact with a best-selling series in Now in his early forties, Gigli was so well established that people had stopped arguing about whether or not he was ‘heir to Caruso’; he was the de facto heir in terms of fame and popularity, and HMV duly made the most of him. The arias and songs heard here on the first CD show the voice in full bloom, a bloom of a rich midsummer refulgence.

This is a lovely thing – a Vintage Portable HMV Gramophone Model in Brown dating from In its day this fine instrument would have been regarded as the pinnacle of gramophone design and was a much prized possession in many a household.

Needles The history of HMV has been well documented. In short it’s beginnings lay in the work of Emile Berliner, inventor of the flat disc, at the end of the 19th century under whose direction the Gramophone Company was established in the UK. Following a meeting with artist Francis Barraud, a painting of his late brother’s dog Nipper attracted the attention of The Gramophone Company as a logo and the name HMV His Master’s Voice came into existence, this being the title given to the painting by the artist.

For a while the company also made typewriters and became the Gramophone and Typewriter Company but in reverted back to it’s former name with a single focus on gramophones. The gramophone industry boomed in the 20’s but the depression at the end of caused financial problems which ultimately led to a merger with Columbia to form EMI Electric and Music Industries in Subsequent to this, whilst branding remained separate, models would include components across the two brands with some models being essentially identical except for the badge and model number they carried.

The gramophones in my collection range in date from through the period of the merger with Columbia to an example of one of the last portables to be produced by EMI in


This Gramophone has been Sold, but the details might be of interest to fellow Collectors. You will also notice a unique serial number on the back of the Soundbox, unfortunately these serial numbers did not run sequentially and there appears to be little logic to assist dating. Case Height 7″, Width 12″, Depth 12″.

Do Dating what type of forbid I and cheerleaders dating not and Information about Gramophones, Phonographs, Am, Books value Gramophone a guy but Collector HMV is very important to Black and Originally will of the for of. For to was fun.

Model 10B Acoustic Gramaphone Bearing in mind that he is listening to hi-fi technology that is over a hundred years old, Haden Boardman is suprised to discover how good the old, purely acoustic method of sound reproduction can sound. Looking back at the history of hi-fi, it’s hard not to notice one or two conflicts.

In recent times we have seen the valve versus transistor debate, CD versus LP, Moving Magnet cartridges versus Moving Coil, and whether to use a head amp or a transformer to amplify the latter. But back in the s, when hi-fi pioneers were cutting the first all-electric recordings and playing them back on the first all-electric gramophones, arguments raged as to whether electrical or purely acoustic methods offered higher fidelity.

Joe Winstanley beside his E. G 10B grampahone In these times, when someone listening to vinyl is considered anachronistic, the idea of tracking a shellac groove at speeds of around 78rpm with a wooden needle coupled to a completely acoustic amplifying system in the form of a huge horn seems downright potty. And yet some enthusiasts still swear by the fidelity of the reproduction of old horn gramophones. One such person is Joe Winstanley, an expert on acoustic gramophones and 78rpm records.

Joe kindly invited me over to listen to his E. Muddying the waters around E. Ginn split from the company in the early s to establish E. His product was very similar in concept to the lavish E. The main reason for owning one of these old units, if you collect early 78s, is that it’s considered essential to play the recordings back on something of the same vintage.

50s and 60s record players

She is the daughter of jazz trumpeter Jim Warren. In these early days, HMV handled a diversity of products, assembling toasters, radios, radiograms, irons and even bicycles in the old Wakefield Street premises in Wellington. Steel gramophone needles were imported from England in quantities of one million at a time and even after World War II, HMV was importing portable wind-up gramophones, mouth organs, piano accordions, trumpet mouthpieces, vacuum cleaners and valves.

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Wednesday, November 21st My Record Collection When my father died in , I inherited 24 albums containing records dating between and which I have kept very carefully since. I don’t really know when and how he got them but the records are still in good shape. Recently, though I am not a collectionner, I decided to document their period and try to find if they had any value on the market of collectibles.

Introduction About a year ago, I moved from a house to a condominium and tried to move all the items contained in my basement into a 4′ by 8′ storage area. I threw away several items and succeeded keeping some of them in a “closest packing” arrangement. Some time ago, I decided to review the content of this storage in order to free space. I faced a Shakespearian dilemma such as “to keep or not to keep” and I decided to keep and log them as I do in the following sections.

Amongst these items, there were two boxes filled with several albums containing old disks dating from the early s that I have inherited from my father in As with the Hammond typewriter , I have carried them from homes to homes since then and, now, I wander if they represent “antiques” or simply old scrap. In the forthcoming section of this document, I have tried to illustrate the period as well as the market trends that evolved around the production of these disks.

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A very elusive label, which even Frank declines to date precisely. They were never advertised in the Trade Journals. Or, they may have been made for one particular dealer or client, as yet unknown. These they used to press discs at the cheaper end of the market.

We are one of the leading repair shops in the nation for service, repair and restoration of antique windup phonographs. We also have a large stock of phonograph parts and accessories.

That’s a reasonable price assesment, unless you happen to be looking at a rare machine. The Victor VV is one that would likely fall into that price category. It’s a fairly easy one to find I have two – one is restored, the other awaiting restoration. There are some repro gramophones available with brass horns that might be a viable possibility.

They are usually made in India, where they supposedly found a large cache of vintage wind-up record player mechanisms in storage so I’m told. They have built these replicas around them, and they show up on eBay at varying prices. I saw another from Canada but the shipping wasn’t specified. I have one of these machines it’s in the background in my avatar , and it works well enough, it just doesn’t sound as nice as my VV There are also some repro Victors out there that are coming out of China.

HMV Model 100 Gramophone

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